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How AI & Chatbots Are Altering Mobile App Development?

By Vasudev Arora | January 28, 2020 |

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has gained a terrific momentum and reputation across all digital niches. Earlier, it used to be a sci-fi term only, but now it has become an essential part of today’s tech-savvy users. From building intuitive chatbots to data analysis to improve user experience design, AI is used for a variety of purposes.

With the continuous evolution and adoption of AI, another technology solution that is also growing rapidly is mobile app development. In the upcoming days, we will see numerous emerging trends that will allow businesses to gather useful data for providing an improved user’s app experience and engagement.

AI and Chatbot development are going to be the significant factors that will help businesses improve mobile apps by supporting their technical teams. According to Business Insider, the AI chatbot development market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by the end of 2025.

In fact, many social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have already started implementing AI in their mobile apps to offer contextual content to their users’, so it’s not far when these technologies will become a necessity for mobile apps.

Well, there is a vast history of Chatbots and AI, and facts how these technologies bring revolutionary transformation in distinct business domains and continued towards. In this blog, we will discuss some points that describe how AI and Chatbot development are transforming the mobile app development industry.

Improved App User Experience

Most of the mobile apps often lack user engagement, which later becomes the reason for failure. Artificial intelligence helps in boosting the overall user experience of a mobile app. It can be used to analyze the user behavior and the patterns of user behavior so that designers and developers can draw relevant insights for delivering a higher user-centric experience.

Whereas, intelligent chatbots powered by smart AI and ML algorithms help enterprises to understand their customers’ needs by answering their queries and ensuring improved support. Chatbots are used to provide better customer services, and by 2025, we can expect that intelligent chatbots will handle the majority of customer interactions.

Improve Personalized Experience

You might have observed that most digital apps rely heavily on personalization for keeping users engaged and interested. Also, the users have become more demanding than earlier; they expect mobile applications to avail of a unique experience through the app interface equipped with ease-of-use content or useful features.

AI and Chatbots allow businesses to improve this personalization of user experience. For example, it suggests users with similar products based on their behavior, interactions, and search history. Moreover, personalized user notifications help users know about new products, trends, and changes in your business app.

Better App Security

One of the most significant concerns for any mobile app development company is the security of the app. With the innovation of technology, there has also been an increase in cyberattacks and hacking in the last few years, which often becomes the reason of losing user data.

But, using Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots, you can improve the security parameters of mobile apps and identify any threats that can cause harm to your app’s data. If you use the right AI algorithms and intelligent chatbots, you can transform your mobile app development in a whole new way.

Helps in Making Better Decisions

Businesses deal with large bits of data every now and then, which is often not easy to read and analyze. AI helps in analyzing this massive amount of data so that you can make better business decisions. For instance, consider you have a large set of data on the feedback of users on the app.

Now, you can create a program that will help you read all those feedback, but it will be very time-consuming. However, if you adopt AI and Chatbot development, you can change the whole scenario of reading the feedback humanely. After reading the user feedback, you can analyze that data quickly to make better business decisions.

Chatbots are the Next-Gen Apps

For most of the mobile apps, chatbots play the role of the user interface. In recent years, many messaging applications that are powered by AI have gained user attention, and AI Chatbots have played a vital role in the success of these apps. For example, the AI-powered Facebook Messengers use chatbots to converse with its user base.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile app development is entirely leaning toward AI and Chatbot technology. Moreover, users are in love with these trending technologies that allow them to use an app according to their preferences. So, if you haven’t considered using AI and Chatbots equipped mobile apps, then it’s time to give it a look.


AI and Chatbots got their recognition in the past few years for mobile development and emerging swiftly. And soon, it will make a significant impact on every digital sector. Therefore, it would be great if you start implementing these technologies in your business. In case, if you are unaware of using these technologies to their maximum potential, then you can hire a chatbot development company to help build intelligent chatbots for your mobile apps.

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