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You Can call us on

+91-120-4106877 +1-408-878-6816 +61-29-0991719
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Enabling Uninterruptedness, Continuity & Scalability With Our Power-Packed Salesforce

Support Services

Infoxen consists of a group of quality people to support your ongoing as well as futuristic operational movements while maintaining the continuous flow and mitigating the security loopholes. Perceiving your steadily increasing operational modules, we provide our end to end Salesforce support services to ensure your business continuity with a long-lasting impact.

Whether your requirement generates for administrative support, continuous monitoring, customer support or other resolutions, we provide 24/7 reliable and productive support to enterprises using the Salesforce interface. Our support services are designed and rendered exhibiting your core process modules you include as we take responsibility for ensuring error-free, seamless, and streamlined work infrastructure within your enterprise.

Delivering Custom Salesforce Support To Maximum Potential

We love to cater to Salesforce support solutions to every scale of enterprises in accordance with their customized needs to ensure system continuity to fortify their long-term goals.

  • Implementation Monitoring
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Bug Fixing & Resolution
  • User Support & Assistance
  • How Our Salesforce Support Services Can Impact Your Business Steadiness


    We imbibe a holistic approach while identifying your support need and propound the best possible support solution impelling your business to maintain its continuity and carry out the scaling goals.

    • Excellent Experience We encompass an emphatic and professional team to perceive your current situation and based on, plan and execute the custom solution helping your business seamlessly support your current as well as upcoming integration. Our support solution is provided to improve operational navigation and divert your core attention toward fulfilling your core goals rather than indulging in interruptions.
    • Flexible Working At Infoxen, we adhere to agile methodology and work toward building a future approach for your business. We have immensely a flexible work culture with a passionate team that is eagerly ready to serve more than you anticipate. Our flexible working model helps enterprises to avail of optimum solutions with peak efficiency.
    • Reliable Delivery As we comprise a skilled, certified, and proficient team to work efficiently for you. Our support model is equipped to provide you a reliable delivery in terms of associating the experts for your project, implementing your customized deal, adhering to data confidentiality, and ensuring on-time support. We offer such a remarkable support experience to enterprises across the globe.

    Our Recognitions

    Recognitions add trust, value, and worth. We are still a part of the race to add more value recognitions with our true potentials and factual efforts we invest to produce and render a modernized & optimum quality-equipped solution.

    Top-Rated Mobile App & Software Development Company

    Yes, we are holding value recognition for mobile & software development services from Good Firms - one of the largest B2B research platforms to list categories, publish authenticated reviews, and to perform other trustworthy research by the global business leaders.

    Authorized AWS (Amazon Web Services) Provider

    We are proud to be an authorized partner for “Amazon Web Services” to serve the world’s most trusted cloud computing & API solutions to the businesses as well as individuals. AWS is primarily chosen for the array of applications like database storage, compute & analytics, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Security and more.

    Magento Authorized E-Commerce Partner

    Infoxen is embracing the authorization for Magento - an open-source e-commerce platform adopted by the major business leaders across the world. Magento is a kind of platform empower enterprises to bolster their business capabilities with worldwide exposure and scalability.

    ISO Certified Quality Standard Partner

    Rendering an optimum quality solution is our natural tendency, Our ISO certification concludes the rest story of our quality delivery. ISO certification is a worldwide considered authorization that exhibits the proven quality standard of the product or service providers globally.

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    What is the need for Salesforce support services?
    After the final deployment of your Salesforce, there is a continuous need to maintain your process continuity. Salesforce support services help enterprises to seamlessly carry out their typical operational needs and let them focus on their core business movements rather than diverting them to manage hassles come ahead.
    Does my business need support services?
    If you think that your business is not delivering potential outcomes, you need to hire support services. Often in the lack of right system configuration, your sales & marketing campaigns get failed and you get unable to serve your customers. In this situation, hiring reliable support services can help your business to enlarge high with right scalable opportunities.
    What are the benefits of availing support services?
    Support services help enterprises to identify the process gaps and implement the things accordingly to ensure that your business is not facing any single inconvenience. Whether there is a requirement generates to integrate more features, reduce redundant functionality or implement the security enhancement, support services can help you to ensure every step is profitable and productive
    What is the cost involved in support services?
    Support services are designed and offered as customized as per your unique business bustles, hence, this cost can be disclosed as per the unique or personalized support services you avail. To know your personalized services and cost involved, contact us at
    What support services can I avail?
    Well, demonstrating your unique business behavior and processes involved, you may require a different set of support practices that will assist your business to remain constant. Usually, support services may incorporate Salesforce monitoring, maintenance, custom development and more. We would love to navigate through for further information.
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