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What We Build

Ensure A Smooth Adoption For Salesforce Lightning With Our Highly Proficient Salesforce Experts

Infoxen comprises a great caliber to build domain-specific Salesforce Lightning experience to every grade of enterprise across global geo-locations. We develop and render the lightning ready integrated solution simplifying the way of your customers’ dealing, improving sales-pipeline, and bolstering your marketing campaigns.

Our high-tech experts deep-dive into your bottom requirement and perform Salesforce lightning ensuring a robust and faster way to interact with customers and drive improved sales. Using our agile methodology and yearly expertise in the lightning interface, we develop tactics to uplift your sales volumes, ensure efficient customer support, and to elevate productivity levels.

Offering An Array Of Salesforce Lightning Services

We help enterprises in easy transition to lightning to ensure smoother customer experience and streamline sales activities impacting the productivity line.

  • Salesforce Lightning Consulting
  • Salesforce Lightning Implementation
  • Salesforce Lightning App Development
  • Lightning Ready Customization
  • Lightning Component Development
  • Lightning Process Automation
  • How We Are Delivering Maximum Potential To Our Clients For Salesforce Lightning

    Innovative & Efficient Lightning Experience

    Investing hands-on-expertise to develop and use lightning components, we help enterprises whether to migrate from classic to lightning or implement from scratch. Through this, we enable enterprises to drive seamlessly and efficaciously.

    • Sublime Salesforce Experts At Infoxen, we comprise a team of highly-experienced and dynamic professionals to build a customized lightning solution addressing the core necessities of the enterprises. Understanding your domain efficiency, our lightning experts build remarkable experience to boost sales & marketing strategies, drive elevated sales, and gratify the customer base.
    • Improved User Experience In order to ensure your productive and scalable growth, we build such an interface that is simplified & rich navigational reinforcing your sales executives to drive faster and close more sales. Through our customized Salesforce solution, we empower every level of an individual in your organization to input their collaborative efforts toward generating more improved revenue.
    • Quick Salesforce Support To ensure seamless workflow within your organization, we proffer our proactive support integrated with our yearly expertise in dealing with complex situations. Our support model is designed to provide quick assistance to navigate your workflow as desired. We take responsibility to maintain your present system efficiency and rescue your system from future interruptions.

    Our Recognitions

    Recognitions add trust, value, and worth. We are still a part of the race to add more value recognitions with our true potentials and factual efforts we invest to produce and render a modernized & optimum quality-equipped solution.

    Top-Rated Mobile App & Software Development Company

    Yes, we are holding value recognition for mobile & software development services from Good Firms - one of the largest B2B research platforms to list categories, publish authenticated reviews, and to perform other trustworthy research by the global business leaders.

    Authorized AWS (Amazon Web Services) Provider

    We are proud to be an authorized partner for “Amazon Web Services” to serve the world’s most trusted cloud computing & API solutions to the businesses as well as individuals. AWS is primarily chosen for the array of applications like database storage, compute & analytics, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Security and more.

    Magento Authorized E-Commerce Partner

    Infoxen is embracing the authorization for Magento - an open-source e-commerce platform adopted by the major business leaders across the world. Magento is a kind of platform empower enterprises to bolster their business capabilities with worldwide exposure and scalability.

    ISO Certified Quality Standard Partner

    Rendering an optimum quality solution is our natural tendency, Our ISO certification concludes the rest story of our quality delivery. ISO certification is a worldwide considered authorization that exhibits the proven quality standard of the product or service providers globally.

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    What is Salesforce Lightning?
    Salesforce Lightning is a component-based framework designed & deployed to simplify the usability of business users who are typically not handly with programming experience. Lightning experience includes easy-to-use features with a graphical user interface to accelerate processing speed.
    What are the benefits of Salesforce Lightning?
    When it comes to upgrading your existing Salesforce with Salesforce Lightning, you enable unified data experience across your organization. Availing Salesforce Lightning can help your business with better data processing and improved visual reporting that eventually helps businesses to make more strategic and improved decisions to support maximized productivity.
    What is the Salesforce Lightning Experience?
    Salesforce Lightning is a modern-equipped user interface that helps the sales executives to sell faster, provide improved customer experience that ultimately impacts the sales volumes involving the productive growth. Salesforce Lightning embraces a multitude of new features and exciting redesigned pages but the lightning interface may not support every feature of Salesforce classic.
    How much does Salesforce lighting cost?
    Salesforce Lightning offers four different plans to imbibe, rest incumbent on your customized processes and needs you are willing to upgrade with your lightning experience. If you want to acquire your exact cost or want to avail of our Salesforce Lightning services, you can contact us at Our top consultants can suggest you the best probable navigation for your business simplification.
    What is the difference between Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning?
    Salesforce Classic is the predated version that is being used by a huge number of users across the globe and Salesforce Lightning is the upgraded interface that lightens the experience of the users to enable ease-of-use navigation and features to faster your sales experience and impact the productive & scalable growth. Today, many users are moving to Salesforce Lightning just to upgrade and faster their operational flow. To know how it works? Just initiate connecting with us, we are here as a Salesforce Lightning Company to elaborate furthe
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