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Performing Best-In-Class Salesforce

Data Migration Practices

Infoxen is a steadily growing global provider for Salesforce data migration services. We adopt a proactive approach to ensure secure, reliable, and customized data transformation from your existing or legacy system to the Salesforce system. Considering your current system configuration as well as futuristic needs, our Salesforce experts perform secured and strategic data migration using the latest tools and advanced methodologies.

We perform seamless data migration with minor business disruptions under the supervision of our Salesforce certified consultants. Identifying your functionality gaps and assessing the field data mapping requirements, we design a system that is easily adoptable by your workforce with a minimum training requirement.

Offers Reliable & Secure Salesforce Data Migration Services

Perceiving your data type, existing system configuration, personalized migration need, and keeping security concerns in mind, we perform astounding Salesforce data migration.

  • Salesforce Custom Migration Service
  • Salesforce Automated Migration Service
  • Post Maintenance & Support
  • How Infoxen’s Data Migration Services Equipped With Advanced Methodology Can Trigger Your Operational Practices

    Infoxen Leverages Latest Tools & Modern Practices

    Leveraging the powerful tools, technologies, and methodologies, we help businesses to seamlessly upgrade their data practices across the organization, update their customer management, ensure financial accuracy and more to impact their potential goals and support their conversion rates.

    • Domain Expertise Encompassing our collaborative efforts combined with deep data migration expertise, we assist the enterprises to eliminate their loopholes, data redundancies, and other complexities. We perform anticipated Salesforce data migration bolstering your business to efficiently and profoundly roll out your data practices across your organization.
    • Complete Confidentiality & Security We understand how your data is vital to you hence, we ensure data confidentiality and security throughout your data migration process as well as post-deployment. Our experts have the caliber to carry out your migration process while rescuing your data from unauthorized hands and third-party users.
    • Salesforce Data Migration Support We help enterprises to support current processes as well as their futuristic approach. Our steady & sturdy efforts are rendered to ensure the uninterruptedness in your system. We proactively provide Salesforce data migration support helping your business to drive data & customer efficiency to impact organizational growth, sustainability, and scalability.

    Our Recognitions

    Recognitions add trust, value, and worth. We are still a part of the race to add more value recognitions with our true potentials and factual efforts we invest to produce and render a modernized & optimum quality-equipped solution.

    Top-Rated Mobile App & Software Development Company

    Yes, we are holding value recognition for mobile & software development services from Good Firms - one of the largest B2B research platforms to list categories, publish authenticated reviews, and to perform other trustworthy research by the global business leaders.

    Authorized AWS (Amazon Web Services) Provider

    We are proud to be an authorized partner for “Amazon Web Services” to serve the world’s most trusted cloud computing & API solutions to the businesses as well as individuals. AWS is primarily chosen for the array of applications like database storage, compute & analytics, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Security and more.

    Magento Authorized E-Commerce Partner

    Infoxen is embracing the authorization for Magento - an open-source e-commerce platform adopted by the major business leaders across the world. Magento is a kind of platform empower enterprises to bolster their business capabilities with worldwide exposure and scalability.

    ISO Certified Quality Standard Partner

    Rendering an optimum quality solution is our natural tendency, Our ISO certification concludes the rest story of our quality delivery. ISO certification is a worldwide considered authorization that exhibits the proven quality standard of the product or service providers globally.

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    Q. What are important factors to consider for Salesforce Data Migration?
    During your data migration, the factors are incumbent or may vary depending on the source data complexity. We apply standard practices to analyze & assess the data mapping requirement and customized functional need to support your new operating environment. We ensure that your data is imported applying standard practices followed by adequate planning, secure migration, and reliable testing.
    Q. What is data migration in Salesforce?
    Data migration in Salesforce is the process of transferring all your business data stored from your current system to the newly established Salesforce system by applying customized practices & methodology, ensuring data mapping between the old and new system, and finally equipping your latest system with personalized feature configurations. Obviously, you may have a large set of databases and manually transferring your data may not work out to drive accuracy and efficiency ahead. For further information, you can contact us, our consultants can suggest you with the best possible input.
    Q. How does Infoxen ensure safe data migration?
    We make use of standard protocols & tools and perform customized field mapping to ensure that your data is seamlessly mapped onto a newly configured system equipped with data security and integrity.
    Q. What are the best tools for data migration to Salesforce?
    There are several tools to perform data mapping and migration from your existing system to Salesforce and one of them is Ant Migration tool. Migrating data using this tool should be done by professionals or under the supervision of Salesforce experts. For seamless and efficient migration, contact Infoxen’s Salesforce consulting representatives.
    Q. How Salesforce migration can impact my business?
    See, managing your customers, sales data, and finance can be a daunting task if performed using different excel sheets or using a mailing system. When you migrate your data to Salesforce, you eliminate the data complexity & redundancy and bolster your business to drive smarter while effectively managing your esteemed customers as well as outreaching a new customer base.
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