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Infoxen is the highly equipped Salesforce customization services provider with a team of Salesforce certified experts who execute their best-in-class practices to build a Salesforce CRM solution affecting the way of their customer dealing, impacting their sales strategy, and reinforcing their business to convert & close more deals with increased conversion rates.

Evaluating your core areas to work on, our experts ensure a highly customized Salesforce solution tailored to your specific business context or perceiving your steadily changes in your organizational practices so as you can reserve sustainable & productive growth in the long run.

Offers Cutting-Edge Solution Addressing Your Customized Need

We build & render the astounding Salesforce Customization Services to the startups & medium to the large scale of enterprises.

  • Salesforce Configuration
  • Data Access Management
  • Mobile App Customization
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Salesforce Migration
  • Custom Reports & Dashboard
  • Why Choosing Infoxen For Salesforce Customization Can Be A Smart Decision For Your Business

    We Align Your Growth Strategy

    Our experts have sufficient skill-set and caliber to identify your forte and areas to ameliorate and boost your prevailing processes.

    • Extensive Experience We embrace an extensive experience in Salesforce development & customization with a team of certified & professional Salesforce developers who are eagerly ready to work on your project anytime when you are in need. To ensure your continuity, we take lifelong responsibility via our end-to-end support.
    • Boost Brand Value Our Salesforce experts do not just perform customization, they build an immersive experience to efficaciously drive customers and positively impact the sales outcomes while reserving the profit margins as desired. Hence, we work toward boosting your brand value in your targeted geo-locations or marketplace.
    • Competitive Pricing Adhering to standard customization expertise & on-time delivery model, we proffer our Salesforce customization services at competitive rates. Our pricing does not conclude any hidden cost as we believe in a transparent client engagement policy comprising the data confidentiality from any third-party.

    Mysteries Solved

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    What is Salesforce Customization?
    Salesforce customization is all about extending or upgrading the functionality of your basic Salesforce plan while disabling the unnecessary ones. Your business may include a different set of operational processes and thus, requires a specific system configuration to enable seamlessness and unambiguousness in your processes. A customized Salesforce serves unique purposes than anything else
    Why Salesforce Customization is needed?
    When your organization grows, your requirement to handle your processes grows in a significant manner, for instance, features & functionality enhancement, system upgrade and more. Here you need to upgrade your existing Salesforce account addressing your advancement in your current operational processes as you may not thrive with the growing number of customers, processes, sales-outcomes, and productivity levels with your basic plan.
    What is the cost involved in Salesforce customization?
    The cost of Salesforce customization varies as it incumbents on the set of features modules, objects you want to implement in your existing salesforce application. Moreover, it also depends on the time consumption and how complex it will be from the developer’s end to complete the customization.
    How you provide Salesforce security?
    To ensure uninterrupted processes, we provide security layers using Salesforce tools like Salesforce Shields and Salesforce Security Tokens. We understand your data is crucial, hence, our Salesforce security services are designed and offered to rescue your professional data from unauthorized eyes so as enjoying the uninterrupted Salesforce services.
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