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What We Build

Augment Your In-depth Insights And True Understanding

 Of  Your Digital Media

Infoxen has the caliber to enable businesses to exhaustively deal with object recognition activities in real-time by making effective use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Percieving and deep-diving your exact business idea, we build a premier solution signifying digital recognition needs and transform your business world.

Applying the standard practices of machine learning, we help enterprises to analyze videos & images and discover the characteristic features of the object that they are intended to recognize. Utilizing the deep learning-based object recognition, our developers can build a software solution to automatically recognize the similarities and variations between objects.


We Develop Futuristic Approach For Object Recognition Solution

Combining our AI & Machine Learning expertise with emerging industrial needs, we craft an immersive future-driven object recognition solution impacting your business growth while reserving space for futuristic potentials.

  • Visual Data Recognition
  • Face Detection & Recognition
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Top Reasons Of Working With Us For Object Recognition Solution

    Specifying your exact infrastructural movement, product analysis, and object detection & recognition need, we develop a customized solution to evaluate, analyze, and recognize seamlessly and significantly.

    • Expert Team Of Data Scientists As it’s about data mapping and analysis, we comprise highly proficient data scientists to design and develop software to effectuate and implement exhibiting the current and futuristic approach and business stipulation.
    • Customized & Valuable Solution We incorporate the expertise to perceive and implement a solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. We effectuate what you anticipate for your business progression and enlarged production.
    • Peak-Time Efficiency & Support Considering your timely vitality, we ensure your project delivery within a stipulated time-frame and eternally stay ready to support you wherever you get stuck and face obstacles between your operational practices.
    Our   Technology   Stacks
  • YOLO
  • RCNN
  • CNN
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • opencv
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