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You Can call us on

+91-120-4106877 +1-408-878-6816 +61-29-0991719
What We Build

Generate Rapid Insights Via AI To Accelerate Decision

Making And Speed-To-Value

Infoxen – an AI development company deeply leverages technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-speech (TTS), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Visual Seach and Image recognition to deploy the smart & automated AI-driven products impacting your business to attain scalable growth.

We are a team of passionate data scientists and  AI consultants to develop a solution satisfying the core needs & exigencies of today’s enterprises struggling to streamline and simplify their operational practices while bolstering the real-time eyes into the product cycle and end-to-end processes.

Reasons That You Can Consider While Choosing Us

Surpassing & Innovative AI Solution

We prepare advanced, personalized & cost-effective software solutions to allow businesses to sway from their technical limitations and focus broadly on everyday operations.

  • Incorporate AI Experts We encompass a team of intelligent & perspicacious data scientists to elucidate and handle the most arduous AI solutions. Our AI experts have prowess and competence to build distinct AI solutions for a wide range of industries and business contexts.
  • AI Solution That Defines Your True Values Signifying how strongly the forms of AI are flourishing in the marketplace, we help enterprises to achieve their first-mover advantage, we prepare AI & Machine Learning powered digital solutions equipped with cost-effectiveness, automation efficiency, and real-time insights
  • Adhering To Transparent Working Model We render 100% transparency during the product development cycle and great use of industry-acclaimed tools to shape better end-products while bestowing the efficient client involvement and post-support. We proffer the bonzer deal gratifying our customer base.
Our   Technology   Stacks

Top Technologies used in Artificial Intelligence


  • Virtual Agents
  • Decision Management
  • Deep Learning
  • AI Optimized Hardware
  • Our Recognitions

    Recognitions add trust, value, and worth. We are still a part of the race to add more value recognitions with our true potentials and factual efforts we invest to produce and render a modernized & optimum quality-equipped solution.

    Top-Rated Mobile App & Software Development Company

    Yes, we are holding value recognition for mobile & software development services from Good Firms - one of the largest B2B research platforms to list categories, publish authenticated reviews, and to perform other trustworthy research by the global business leaders.

    Authorized AWS (Amazon Web Services) Provider

    We are proud to be an authorized partner for “Amazon Web Services” to serve the world’s most trusted cloud computing & API solutions to the businesses as well as individuals. AWS is primarily chosen for the array of applications like database storage, compute & analytics, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Security and more.

    Magento Authorized E-Commerce Partner

    Infoxen is embracing the authorization for Magento - an open-source e-commerce platform adopted by the major business leaders across the world. Magento is a kind of platform empower enterprises to bolster their business capabilities with worldwide exposure and scalability.

    ISO Certified Quality Standard Partner

    Rendering an optimum quality solution is our natural tendency, Our ISO certification concludes the rest story of our quality delivery. ISO certification is a worldwide considered authorization that exhibits the proven quality standard of the product or service providers globally.

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