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Designed & Developed Mobile & Web Application for Sweden’s biggest online recipe portal.

By admin | December 18, 2019 | 2:45 min read

How Infoxen Helped AskLo to integrate their IT systems ans use data science to make better operational decisions

About The Client

The Client’s original mobile and web breaking news alerts and distribution hub (ADH) was built to handle significantly fewer subscribers than the 20 million iOS and 10 million android subscribers it had gathered over the years.

Industry: Hotel

Location: Sweden’s

Client Since: 2014

Below, are the key features we accumulated in the web and mobile application

  • > Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface.
  • > Connects professional, amateur, and home-cooks to share, rate, blog about, and download recipes.
  • > Interesting features like audio/video chat, badges for weekly master chefs, gamification, etc.
  • > Integrated with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for ease of recipe sharing.
  • > Chat with the recipe owner
  • > Winner tagging
  • > Push Notification (When a new recipe is being added)
  • > Supports all Android and IOS Versions
  • Technologies Used

  • * Android
  • * Node Js
  • * Angular
  • * Heroku
  • * MongoDb
  • The Challenges

    Everyone loved to eat the best food at a reasonable price, Client conducted a recipe contest for 1 month.

    Employees and their spouse needed a mobile or web application to upload their recipes.

    The client wanted a software vendor to develop the application within 1-2 weeks time frame.

    It’s a natural meeting place over the Internet for Swedish Professionals.

    The client also wanted to sell out the new application in the market, so as to have good revenue.

    The Solution

    We, at, Infoxen gathered the client business requirement and analyzed the same in-depth. The client engaged Infoxen Technologies to rebuild the web and mobile application to provide an engaging experience to its users across channels. We proposed a high performance and infinitely scalable web platform using MEAN technologies including Node.js & MongoDB for back-end and AngularJS for front- end.

    Our Team also developed mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms intended to enable users to connect with each other, share recipes, and also enjoy recognition for their contributions.

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    The Result

    Timely broadcasting of recipes: Developed application helped the client in broadcasting the recipe as soon as they receive it from the members.

    Handled large pool of subscriber base: Platform developed handled the subscribers up to 1 Lakh, enabling client in accumulating more subscribers in a future span of time.

    Enhanced Online Reputation: Developed platform enables good reputation of the client in the food and consumer industry.

    Increased Revenue: Client was able to market and sell the developed application in a wise manner, leading to an increase in revenue.

    Improved customer service: Since all the recipes were broadcasted on a timely basis, it helped the client in more customer base and ultimately reducing exposure to financial risk.

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