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Role of DevOps Tools in Enterprise Application Development in 2020

By Anuj Goel | December 10, 2019 |

As we Know DevOps Culture focuses on the collaborating working of the various departments including developers, testers and many more. Most of the enterprises build their own DevOps team to work around this. But due to the extensive workload on a daily basis, devOps guys tools out for the various tools which help do the automation and day to day activities more easily and effectively. In this article, we are going to describe various Devops Tools for Enterprise Application Development and by adopting these tools how to enterprises can enhance productivity and improve performance.


Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration and continuous deployment tools. It helps the organizations in the end to end delivery of the software by building, testing and deployment of the application in a single place. It provides the pipeline which integrates the various steps like code checkout, testing, building, and deployments. Jenkins integrates with the other tools also with the help of this extended list of the plugins. You can integrate notifications for the builds on the various communication channels like slack etc.

ELK ( Log Management System ) 

As there are various servers involved while debugging an application, it’s become complex for a developer to fix the issue. Therefore, the need for centralized log management system through which developers can see the logs and debug the applications arises. This is exactly what ELK provides. It provides nice UI through which developers can see the logs and also filter out them on the basis of time and parameters. It also helps to analyze the traffic on the application which helps the organizations to take decisive steps.

Monitoring Tools 

Monitoring is an important aspect of DevOps work. DevOps monitor the infrastructure and applications so that they can take the necessary steps before anything will go wrong. DevOps used various monitoring tools like NagiosZabbixNew RelicDatadog, etc. Also, DevOps uses a tool called pagerduty which is an incident management solution which helps the companies to provide better customer experience. Monitoring tools provide real-time alerts when a threshold condition get reached and provides the full stack visibility across the various environments.

Configuration Management Systems Tools

Doing configuration is an important role in the devops field. As there are thousands of the servers to configure therefore it’s very difficult to do the configurations manually. Configuration management tools like chef, ansiblepuppet help the devops achieve this. These tools manage the configurations of thousands of servers and if Developers want to modify or change the configurations, these tools help do this on various servers in a single click which reduces the efforts and saves the time.


It is an issue tracking software which is used to track the issues, projects growth, working hours of team members and much more. Jira is a proprietary issue tracking product developed by Atlassian. It helps to achieve the agile growth development of the projects.

Docker & Kubernetes 

software Companies adopting microservice architecture as it is more reliable and easy to manage. Docker and kubernetes are the tools through which containerization is achieved which is a good way to implement the microservice architecture. With these tools, we can simply create the application images to ship to various machines which are very simple if we want to migrate from one cloud provider to another.

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