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Artificial Intelligence Apps To Strategize & Make Decisions for You (2020)

By Poonam Singh | December 10, 2019 |

Introduction to AI

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that allows you to create bots to work like humans. Machines powered by AI has the ability to think for themselves. A prime example, Alexa – built by Amazon, is a virtual assistant designed to understand voice commands and execute direct orders. Converging technologies like Big Data and The Internet of Things (IoT) are contributing to the growth of AI. Machines communicate with one another and are now able to capture millions of data points in merely no time, process the information and generate results for you, all in a matter of seconds. AI has made decision making faster and created a great impact on human interaction with machines. 

Throwback to the Year 2018

From years to years now, AI is gaining continuous popularity and remains unbeatable by other emerging technologies coming its way. There is no looking back to AI, after the Chatbot Development and virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. In 2018, Telecom and financial services lead the way in bringing AI to the mainstream while automotive, energy and retail are still the areas of untouched potential. A lot of complexity is remaining in the year 2018 as to how data is handled and used because of the lack of AI developers in the market. However, the availability of open source software libraries, APIs and SDKs allows you a smooth entry into the AI market.

Smarter Apps for Smarter You: Powered by AI

According to Gartner, by 2022 80% of smartphones will be equipped with on-device AI capabilities as compared to 10% that have these capabilities right now. When put in action, an AI-infused mobile app can extract a lot of useful information and utilize it to determine behavior patterns which in turn is valuable in improving the app. It enhances the user experience by learning from past activities done by you solving your issues quicker.

What AI can do to your Apps?

  1. The bots seem to provide a better experience to customers than standard customer service.
  2. AI can document location and transfer the data.
  3. AI boosts user experience and retains engagement. 
  4. AI allows app developers to code creatively.
  5. AI brings the personal user experience to the next level.


Artificial intelligence is one of those technologies that capture businesses and customer heart alike. At one side, where enterprises are practicing to deliver more and more AI integrated devices and applications, on the other side customers are equally interested to experience the new AI integrated product. AI is already proven to be disruptive, and it will continue to spread like wildfire across the industry. In upcoming years, we will definitely see more of AI being integrated into other devices, making our life simpler and smarter than ever before.

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Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh as a Senior Technical Content Writer at Infoxen vouches on simplifying technical complexities of enterprises by curating crisp, technically sound & ready-to-implement software solutions in the form of well-researched writeups. She treasures her idle time by keeping herself well read about dominant web technologies & their implementation.

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